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Currently, many organisations prioritise the development and use of customised applications to control and cope with critical processes. Our solutions provide IT operatives the foundation to make informed decisions. They give you objective information with which to make competent and professional decisions relating to costs, efforts, activities, quality, maintainability, efficiency and dependencies in your applications.

Enterprise Software Analytics

A lack of overarching safety, lifecycle and governance models throughout the development process often later leads to unnecessarily high levels of effort for operations, further development and maintenance of applications.  
In addition, more and more companies use external resources to develop applications, which reduces control over the development process and makes it more complex. Amont the negative repercussions thereof are safety issues, increased numbers of errors in applications and inadequate control mechanisms over external providers.
If, as oftentimes is the case, pressures to reduce costs exasperate existing lack of resources and force further cuts vast rationalisation projects cannot be avoided to reduce complexity and technical debt and to replace old technology with updated alternatives. These rationalisation projects create an environment in which to introduce new, more effective and modernised applications into businesses.

Kiuwan ESA – Enterprise Software Analytics

Hands IT professionals the foundation with which to make informed decisions.
Kiuwan ESA is a specialised SaaS analysis platform for quality assurance, safety and monitoring of your IT applications (and SLAs) and supports you in managing your application portfolio.

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Kiuwan Checking AIM – Sourcecode Analysis

uncovers applications' weaknesses such as dead code or unused programmes, enables data flow analyses and the renewed documentation of older applications  and shows linkages between main and subordinated programmes.

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