What We Offer

On the basis of detailed analyses and our products we develop individual solutions for the migration and modernization of customer-specific software. We develop and implement customer-specific solutions for any special requirements that our current product line does not fully or partially target. Our transformation technologies in particular offer a whole range of possibilities in this field.

Application modernization


before, during, after, beyond the change

EasiRun supports its customers throughout its modernization projects and beyond. In the process, our focus lies on developing and implementing complete or incremental individual modernization solutions based on out products and tools. We cover, amongst others, the following aspects of your modernization projects:

  • analysis of legacy applications
  • automated conversions, code transformations and modifications
  • integration of COBOL applications into a Java, .NET, and SOA environment
  • replacement and modernization of user surfaces toward a Java, .NET, or web-based display
  • re-hosting of applications
  • compiler exchange in COBOL surroundings
  • modernization of data storage systems
  • data migration

In most large-scale modernization projects a combination of the services above is offered as a complete solution.

Of course we offer comprehensive consulting and project-specific training opportunities to accompany an application modernization project. Learn more about these opportunities here.