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In times of DEVOPS and digitisation, automation is becoming increasingly important - especially in those areas, in which effort, the likelihood of errors and a lack of traceability due to manually executing processes are high and prevalent. By automating IT tasks, errors can be reduced and resources used more efficiently; innovativeness is boosted, IT processes are optimised, operations become more effective and strategic advantages can be gained.  


Business-IT Automation

OpCon is an extensive solution to automise and modernise all your IT applications from a central control panel. In times of modernisation, it is helpful to be agile in order to deliver more quickly to clients and end users and to reduce risks and costs.

OpCon Automation Platform covers all systems and applications from IBMz, IBMi, Unix to Windows, Linux or SAP. It offers all necessary functions in a single solution: job scheduling, data transfer, central script management, notifications, self service portals, documenation, reporting, audits and much more.

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