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Kiuwan Checking AIM – Source Code Analysis

Highlights application weaknesses such as dead code or unused programmes, enables data flow analysis as well as the renewed documentation of older applications and shows up dependencies between main and subordinated programmes.

Kiuwan Checking AIM

Kiuwan Checking AIM enables you to

  • Uncover application weaknesses such as dead code, unused programmes and copy strings
  • Analyse data flows and renew documentation of older applications
  • Start migration projects
  • Depict links between main and subordinated programmes as well as processes and dependencies within and between those programmes
  • Uncover programming ability and traceability of application logic

Additionally, it offers

  • Controlling of outsourcing projects
  • Maintainability of, adaptation of and improvements to applications

Kiuwan Checking AIM is ideal for companies with high maintenance levels of individual software. It increases quality, efficiency and productivity and reduced time to market and costs significantly. 
It is especially interesting for outsourcers, as they can retain intellectual ownership of applications, remain independent and have shorter a ROI. In addition, cleaned up code is far easier to maintain by developers. 

Kiuwan Checking AIM

  • enables individualised reporting, and due to swift analyses you can also consider alternatives
  • offers functions not offered by relational data bases
  • supports a mutlitude of programming languages, operating systems and data bases
  • scanning includes the compilation of all programmes and checking them for cross-references in all instances
  • results show all relations and dependencies
  • function point analysis calculates the complexity of selected application parts on the level of instructions

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