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Company IT resembles a microcosm. Today, technologies and processes that heralded the beginning of a new kind of IT just a few years past are taken for granted. The cloud is now what virtualisation was a short while ago. To use and provide platforms (PaaS), infrastructures (IaaS), software (SaaS), and data (DaaS) without incurring an administrative and maintenance overhead; the possibility to scale requirements depending on volume and performance expectations – "that's Cloud".

Overview of advantages the Cloud offers

  Dynamically Scalable   High Availability  
  Scale your infrastructure to suit your needs   Close to 100% availability for your system  











  Cost Saving Potential   Load Distribution  
  The more services you shift to the Cloud, the more costs you can save   Quality-of-service frameworks contorl load distribution and eliminate shortages automatically  


Cloud vs Legacy Software

Reduction of technological lag

No matter how old or complex an IT system is: Legacy applications are always technologically lagging.

Potential deficits include: 

  • ongoing integration and distribution process tasks
  • arduous test and development processes have a negative impact on delivery times
  • continuously increasing strategic challenges outweigh specific tasks
  • handling of outdated software

By making use of the Cloud, IT deficits of legacy applications can be reduced: customized Cloud software solutions reduce the burden of operability, monitoring, and reporting activities.

Profit from „as-a-Service“ solutions

We support you in your modernization of legacy applications and empower you to profit from the most current technology. Cloud-stacks, a combination of all required components and services to run software, and legacy applications are ideal for combined solutions due to their nature of a centralized platform able to manage and control processing, data storage, and infrastructure resources. 

By separating the operative business from the deployment and maintenance of underlying systems, IT infrastructures can be transformed into starting platforms for specific services, which are in turn provided via appropriate software. In addition, Cloud-stacks enable the virtualisation of storage and processing equipment. By doing so, they significantly increase the quality of batch processes.

Selecting the optimal solution

Standards can support you to increase the interoperability and flexibility necessary to grow and innovate. As there is a great number of standards you are not bound to use any one supplier. Instead, you can freely choose and combine the best standards for your requirements. It is fare easier to integrate a variety of standards within a Cloud environment. 

Reduction of overall costs

Cloud solutions help you to profit from a range of advantages – such as, amongst others, the speed with which you can implement adjustments and changes, a high return of investment rate, and continuous accountability borne by the provider.