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Our flexible, inexpensive, and professional alternatives for exchanging platforms to JAVA, .NET, Linux, SOLARIS, AIX, HP-UX, Windows, UNIX as well as combined developments with Java+COBOL, .NET+COBOL, WebServer+COBOL ensure your free choice of COBOL compilers for all platforms.


In information technology, the term legacy application denotes a business application that has developed over time. In most cases, these applications were developed with programming languages that are now out of widespread use due to their age, such as COBOL – Common Business Oriented Language. 

Such software's origin might lie considerably far back in IT history. Nonetheless, the possibilities to integrate current COBOL compilers into more modern technologies and such compilers' performance standards are striking. With the most current COBOL compiler technologies you can tap into a wide range of possibilities for your legacy applications – be it running your applications in an Open-Systems environment or making use of the advantages the likes of .Net and JAVA offer. Rely on what has made your business strong, but do not let advantages pass that allow you to stay up to date - “new coat of legacy”.



COBOL-IT is a COBOL-S-Crosscompiler including extensive support for critical business applications. It is available for Linux/Unix, z/Linux, and Windows, and is compatible with Micro Focus – as well as IBM-Enterprise COBOL – and supports all common data bases. The development of applications takes place in an Eclipse IDE. COBOL-IT is characterised by its high reliability and outstanding performance while incurring low costs.

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NetCOBOL for Windows

NetCOBOL is a classic, native Windows compiler for the development of high-performance COBOL applications. It supports all common Windows platforms and is available in a 32-Bit and a 64-Bit version. Development of applications takes place in an Eclipse IDE. NetCOBOL offers a licensing model without royalty fees.

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NetCOBOL for Linux/Solaris SPARC

NetCOBOL for Linux is a native, high-performance compiler, supporting different Linux varieties (34/64-Bit) as well as Solaris SPARC platforms (32-Bit). It is both possible to develop directly in an Eclipse IDE as well as remotely via Eclipse from a Windows work station. NetCOBOL is available in a licensing model without royalty fees.

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COBOL Compiler for Java- & .Net-Environments

High-performance COBOL compilers are also available for JAVA and .Net environments. These compilers are easily and seamlessly integrated into existing platforms. For more information, please click the relevant link below.



+ isCOBOL Evolve


+ NetCOBOL for .Net


Did you know?

The very first compiler was developed as early as 1952 by Grace Hopper. It is her whom we owe gratitude for COBOL. In 1960, the first COBOL compiler was made commercially available.