Our Products

Together with JAVA, Microsoft .NET has been established as main platform for business applications over the past decade. We offer products that allow the easy integration of existing, pure COBOL-applications and the use of comprehensive z/OS-applications including Job Control and CICS-compatible transaction monitor in a .NET environment for customers using .NET.



NetCOBOL for .NET is a COBOL compiler for Microsoft .NET environments. It generates the Common Intermediate Language Code (CIL) typical for .NET and, through a language extension, enables access to the complete .NET framework. Making use of the modern Visual Studio development environment, COBOL application development can be completely integrated into the whole range of Microsoft applications. NetCOBOL for .NET offers a licence without royalty fees.

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NeoSuite products enable partial or complete migration of z/OS applications to a Microsoft .NET platform. They represent a flexible range of tailored options.


NeoBatch is a z/OS job execution application for Microsoft. Within a VisualStudio development environment and with the NeoBatch job manager as a test and execution framework, developers and users gain easy tools for maintenance and production. By using NeoBatch in this manner, mainframe usage can be reduced and a substantial increase in development productivity achieved.

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NeoKicks provides the necessary tools to migrate COBOL-CICS application to a .NET environment while maintaining the existing programme code and structure. Once the migration has been implemented, all current technologies and interfaces within the Microsoft .NET framework are made available. These open up a whole range of further modernization possibilities.

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With NeoData you can migrate VSAM/ISAM data into an MS SQL database and subsequently process these data without changes to the COBOL Code in the .NET environment. As data can then be retrieved and edited via SQL, these data stocks become accessible for tools and applications in other programming languages.

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