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Case Studies

Modernization of a COBOL intranet application including the integration into a Java webserver environment

Logo W&W

As part of a operating system upgrade to a current Windows Server Version, W&W Informatik GmbH faced the challenge of modernizing an intranet application on COBOL basis and ensuring its usability in a modern environment. With EasiRun as modernization partner, W&W-Informatik was able to quickly realise this project.  

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Migration of core business applications from Bull GCOS 7 to Linux

Logo Dehner

EasiRun Europa GmbH (EE) and TELEBIG are pleased to announce the successful migration of core business applications of Dehner Garten Center Group in Rain am Lech from Bull GCOS 7 to Linux.

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Integration of a BS2000 computing core into a Java application

Logo MÜNCHENER VEREIN Versicherungsgruppe

In this integration project, EasiRun's P3/COBOL-Java-Crosscompiler was used to incorporate a BS2000 computing core into a Java client application, in a straightforward, natural, and direct manner. The BS2000 code was maintained without changes and a 10% increase in the performance level was achieved. Additionally, the project has resulted in opening new avenues of product development as well as optimized development and quality management.

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Migrating a COBOL application within a .NET environment

The following example is part of a finished project and highlights the various applications the product offers - ranging from solving a specific, singular problem, over implementing a newly developed project, all the way to complex migrations and platform changes. 

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Porting a z/OS application to Linux

Logo Citkomm

As part of an ongoing modernization project of its entire portfolio, Citkomm faced the challenge of porting a number of applications hosted on a z/OS mainframe to a Linux environment. Important aspects of this project were implemented in partnership with EasiRun. 

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z/VSE-Batch migration to AIX

Logo Fallbeispiel

In the wake of increasing costs and due to systemic restrictions when integrating applications into a modern environment, many companies now consider migrating HOST applications into contemporary platforms and system environments. One of our clients realised this important step in partnership with EasiRun.

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Transfer of a logistics application to UNICODE

Logo Ehrhardt+Partner

With the expansion of Ehrhardt + Partner's application in different language areas, the company began to feel the need to make its key application compatible with UNICODE. Working with EasiRun, this task was implemented within a tight schedule.

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E-Commerce application

Logo Dyckerhoff

The in-house IT department developed an application that was also delivered to affiliated companies. This application covers a wide range of tasks required to operate under Linux, UNIX, and Windows.

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Migrating a character oriented application to a web application with the EasiRun Framework

Logo Siedlungswerk

After an exhaustive market analysis, in which various development environments and solutions were considered and discarded, Siedlungswerk chose EasiRun's proposal.

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