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Mainframe applications continue to play the key role in many businesses. Our products help you combine the advantages of a mainframe computer, such as speed, reliability, and security, with the comforts offered by modern PC-system based application development.


Our application development solutions for mainframes in a PC environment allow you to make use of all the possibilities offered by modern development systems. Doing so will reduce the utilisation of the mainframe computer (MIPS) itself and will, moreover, lead to a marked increase in the efficiency of your application development.


COBEE enables you to transfer mainframe application development in COBOL, PL/1, JCL, and REXX for z/OS, z/VSE to a PC environment. This product is based on the open platform Eclipse. It therefore empowers you to combine the development of different programming languages within a single interface.  

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P3/COBOL Editor for FUJITSU Software BS2000 BS2IDE

With the use of our P3/COBOL Editor for the FUJITSU BS2000 it is possible to develop applications for BS2000 in a modern Eclipse IDE on PCs.

BS2IDE supports developers of BS2000 applications on typical tasks and integrates the benefits of modern development environments. By combining the most important tools of the software development process in one unified user interface, BS2IDE supports developers throughout the whole development cycle and raises the productivity in BS2000 software development and service.

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