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Over the past decade, JAVA has become one of the most important platforms for company-IT. At the same time, numerous COBOL business applications with a successful track-record have been developed over the course of decades. These applications cannot be replaced by JAVA alternatives on an ad-hoc basis. With our JAVA-products, you can integrate COBOL-applications into a JAVA environment easily, naturally, and in a secure fashion – either for good or as a first step in a complete and successive replacement of COBOL.


Java Crosscompiler

Due to the increasing prevalence of Java in businesses it is becoming more and more important to integrate the old but reliable COBOL business logic into the Java environment. By doing so, COBOL business logic can be provided in the form of services or run directly on a Java application server. An optimal solution in this context are our COBOL-Java crosscompilers. These generate an accessible Java source-code which is directly compiled in the appropriate Java class. It is possible, though not necessary, to use the integration into a Java environment as the first step in a medium- to long-term and risk-free phase-out of COBOL application development.


P3/COBOL was developed primarily with the operation of former HOST-applications in a Java environment in mind, using Linux/Unix/Windows. In addition to the COBOL85 standard, add-ons to numerous other compilers are supported. P3/COBOL also offers various other innovative additions, such as Modern Alternate Syntax and Embedded Java, as well as an extensive, well-conceived Eclipse environment.

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isCOBOL Evolve

isCOBOL Evolve is an extensive, modern development package for COBOL development in a Java environment. It not only offers the well-engineered ANSI-2002-Compiler and a functional Eclipse-IDE, but a whole range of tools which ensure an easy integration in a Java- or Web-environment. It is equally well placed to serve as an alternative to AcuCOBOL and its extensions with which isCOBOL Evolve is extensively compatible.

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