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Kiuwan ESA – Enterprise Software Analytics

Gives IT decision makers the foundation to make informed decisions.

Kiuwan ESA is a specialised SaaS analysis platform for quality assurance, safety and control of your IT applications (and SLAs) and supports you to manage your application portfolio.

Enterprise Software Analytics (ESA)

In our ESA solution you will find a so-called "End-to-End" (or Enterprise/Organisation) Software Analytics Platform.

With it, you gain objective information to make informed decisions regarding costs, efforts, activities, quality, maintainability, efficiency and dependencies within your applications. 

The tool enables you to make reliable development decisions quickly - decisions that profit your entire team. 

Results of this decision support include:

  • Risk minimisation
  • Effective use of internal and external resources
  • Automated quality assurance of products supplied by external providers
  • Effective control over Service Level Agreements with suppliers
  • Objective assessment of key criteria (KPIs)
  • Software certification
  • Increased security
  • Cost reduction

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