What We Offer

A key to reducing the risks of modernizing applications and application development is to make use of well-tried products. Reliable solutions for numerous risk factors in your modernization and migration projects are already available.


EasiRun offers a wide array of products and tools for diverse platforms. These allow both support in modernization projects of COBOL-centred applications and the usage of these applications in a modern environment. The product range includes, amongst others, the following applications:

  • various COBOL compilers and COBOL cross-compilers
  • COBOL development on the basis of Eclipse and VisualStudio
  • PC-based COBOL application development for the HOST (MVS, z/OS, z/VSE, AS/400, BS2000)
  • Re-hosting of mainframe computer applications in a Linux/z-Linux/Unix/Windows, .Net, and JEE environment
  • Analysis of applications
  • Monitoring of applications and test support
  • Efficient construction of solutions for transformations and conversions
  • Application life cycle management

The product range comprises in-house developments, products designed with our international partners, and third-party products.

EasiRun offers German-language support contacts– English-language if required – for all services. The support contacts guarantee prompt and competent assistance.

We are also happy to advise you on the choice of suitable products and conduct training sessions to develop the required competences.

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