A partner with knowledge and experience

EasiRun is a provider of products, tools, and solutions for software and software development modernization with a focus on COBOL active throughout Europe.  


With Eclipse-IDEs, COBOL compilers, COBOL cross-compilers, analysis tools, and solutions for transformation, data storage, and web-browsers for the platforms Mainframe, Java, .NET, and LUW (Linux, UNIX, Windows) EasiRun targets special market niches. EasiRun enables the complete implementation of complex application modernization projects and stands for success throughout your modernizations.

By securing your legacy applications for future challenges as well as ensuring their integration and reusability we believe we contribute important components for modern, independent, and inexpensive IT systems.

On the basis of our proven products and tools and our experience from participating in numerous modernization and migration projects we develop and implement individual solutions and part solutions for the following areas:

  • application analysis
  • conversion and code transformation
  • modernization of user desktops towards Java, .NET, or web-based displays
  • integration of COBOL applications into Java and .NET environments
  • application re-hosting
  • modernization of data storage systems
  • data migration
  • automated test support

We also offer support for the following:

  • change of compilers in the area of COBOL
  • SOA implementation

We offer consulting on all issues of application and application development modernization. The transfer of relevant knowledge to our clients take place in seminars parallel to the respective modernization project.

Embedded in our international partner network, we have access to the know-how and solutions of numerous modernization experts around the world.