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Linux, Unix, and Windows operating systems began to take hold in businesses beginning in the early 1990s. Many HOST applications were ported to these new systems, and various COBOL applications were developed using these systems. EasiRun offers a wide range of products to modernize such LUW-based applications, including COBOL compilers, modern data storage solutions as well as analysis, modernization, and development tools. UNIX comprises Solaris SPARC, IBM AIX, UP-UX, and POWER8.


Data storage solutions


c-tree is a highly developed data storage system which allows access to data via various protocols including ISAM and SQL. It combines ISAM's performance with SQL's comfort. Without a change to the programme logic, access to data migrated to c-tree with the use of ISAM is possible from within COBOL programmes. In addition, the same data can be processed by other applications as well as SQL.

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Modernization tools


EasiRun/SMART enables the fast and efficient implementation of individual source-code analysis, transformation, and conversion solutions for different programming languages on a single platform. The possibilities offered include simple syntax-related mass changes, specific application analyses, and complex contextual transformation tasks.

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SQL-Bridge is a modernization solution which allows the automated transfer of VSAM and ISAM data – separated into arrays – into relational data bases. COBOL applications are able to work with data as usual due to the automated extraction of a data access layer within the applications. Additionally, data stocks are made available to other applications via SQL.

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Development support

Testing with Highway61
Highway61 and Highway61 Task Flow Recorder significantly increase the possibilities offered by usual tracing, debugging and regression tests for complext COBOL applications in further development, modernisation and migration. They improve the understanding of complex applications and localising and analysing the source of errors. In addition, they allow you to considerably better the efficiency of testing.

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Modernization solutions for Host applications

In addition to the NEO product range for .NET, EasiRun offers a range of products that allow the smooth use of legacy COBOL applications with CICS-TS and IMS-TM as well as JCL, runtime, and conversion solutions for Job Schedulers under Linux, Unix, and Windows. Please contact us with your request for further information. We will provide you with extensive and individual consulting.