Our Products

EasiRun offers a wide range of products for both application and application development modernization. This range includes COBOL compilers, solutions for data storage, complex analysis and transformation tools, and up to date development environments. With these products, we cover a multitude of aspects in HOST, Java, .Net, and LUW modernization projects. LUW signifies Linux, UNIX (Solaris SPARC, IBM AIX, HP-UX, POWER8), and Windows. 


Solutions for migration and modernization

EasiRun HOST


Mainframe applications continue to play the key role in many businesses. Our products help you combine the advantages of a mainframe computer, such as speed, reliability, and security, with the comforts offered by modern PC-system based application development.

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EasiRun Java


Over the past decade, JAVA has become one of the most important platforms for company-IT. At the same time, numerous COBOL business applications with a successful track-record have been developed over the course of decades. These applications cannot be replaced by JAVA alternatives on an ad-hoc basis. With our JAVA-products, you can integrate COBOL-applications into a JAVA environment easily, naturally, and in a secure fashion – either for good or as a first step in a complete and successive replacement of COBOL.

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EasiRun .NET


Together with JAVA, Microsoft .NET has been established as main platform for business applications over the past decade. We offer products that allow the easy integration of existing, pure COBOL-applications and the use of comprehensive z/OS-applications including Job Control and CICS-compatible transaction monitor in a .NET environment for customers using .NET.

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Easirun Cloud


Company IT resembles a microcosm. Today, technologies and processes that heralded the beginning of a new kind of IT just a few years past are taken for granted. The cloud is now what virtualisation was a short while ago. To use and provide platforms (PaaS), infrastructures (IaaS), software (SaaS), and data (DaaS) without incurring an administrative and maintenance overhead; the possibility to scale requirements depending on volume and performance expectations – "that's cloud".

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Easirun COBOL


Our flexible, inexpensive, and professional alternatives for exchanging platforms to JAVA, .NET, Linux, SOLARIS, AIX, HP-UX, Windows, UNIX as well as combined developments with Java+COBOL, .NET+COBOL, WebServer+COBOL ensure your free choice of COBOL compilers for all platforms.

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EasiRun LUW


Linux, Unix, and Windows operating systems began to take hold in businesses beginning in the early 1990s. Many HOST applications were ported to these new systems, and various COBOL applications were developed using these systems. EasiRun offers a wide range of products to modernize such LUW-based applications, including COBOL compilers, modern data storage solutions as well as analysis, modernization, and development tools. UNIX comprises Solaris SPARC, IBM AIX, UP-UX, and POWER8.

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In times of DEVOPS and digitisation, automation is becoming increasingly important - especially in those areas, in which effort, the likelihood of errors and a lack of traceability due to manually executing processes are high and prevalent. By automating IT tasks, errors can be reduced and resources used more efficiently; innovativeness is boosted, IT processes are optimised, operations become more effective and strategic advantages can be gained.

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Our analytics solutions offer objective information that help you make informed decisions relating to costs, efforts, activities, quality, maintainability, efficiency and dependencies. Additionally, analytics tools highlight application weaknesses such as dead code or unused programmes and show up links between main and supplementary programmes.

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