Our Arguments

EasiRun offers a wide and proven range of products and services that allows for individual, customer-specific solutions. Competent consulting, fair and flexible pricing models, and international network of partners, and German-speaking support are the ingredients for the optimal organisation of your modernization projects and the cost-efficiency of modernized applications.

Why EasiRun?

EasiRun Leistungsspektrum

Wide range of products and services

Our range of products and services targets various aspects of modernizations in COBOL-centred application environments.

EasiRun Individuelle Lösungen

Individual solutions

Solutions for application modernization are just as individual as the applications themselves. Our solutions are not ready-made – instead they target the specific needs of your modernization project. The basis for our solutions is an extensive analysis of the application in question and the interfaces between developer and application as well as user and application.

EasiRun Beratung

Competent consulting

Our holistic approach to consulting does not focus exclusively on technological questions, but takes the factor human being into account as well. Our team of consultants and developers draws upon twenty years of experience with EasiRun and combines this experience to offer very broad and deep know-how. The team's know-how covers everything from mainframe assemblers to modern, web-based applications.

EasiRun Preismodelle

Fair and flexible pricing models

We offer fair and flexible pricing models for our products and solutions tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.

EasiRun Partnernetzwerk

International network of partners

We are embedded in an extensive international partner network. Drawing on this network, we have access to expertise and know-how in all areas of application modernization and application development modernization. Thus, our products and services can be adapted and expanded through our partners to suit clients' wishes or in order to adapt solutions to changing requirements mid-project. Such adaptations can be initiated instantly and are accompanied by us competently and closely.

EasiRun Deutschsprachiger Support

German-language support

Support for our products and solutions is available through our expert in-house support personnel, who are German native speakers. Direct communication with our own and our partners' development teams ensures prompt responses, swift solutions for problems arising along the way, and competent support for every kind of product-related questions.